Frequently Asked Questions

When does the high school season start and finish?
The Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) mandates when the season can start and when the season ends. MSHSL usually opens open the season on the third Monday PRIOR to Labor Day. Eagan High School conducts tryouts the first week of the official season. Games can begin at the Thursday of the second week. All teams, ninth grade through varsity can expect to play multiple games prior to the first day of school.

How do I register for high school soccer at Eagan High School?

Is there a tryout for high school teams?
All players will tryout the first week of practice and be placed on a team at the end of the week.

What if players are unable to attend tryouts?
Please contact the coaching staff or athletic director if you know your student will miss tryouts.

Are players cut from high school soccer?
Based on tryout results and number of players trying out, coaches will try to accommodate every player. If there are too many players for a particular team, coaches may be forced to cut players, although cutting is done as a last resort. Based on tryout results, some players may be moved up to play with older players. Players will never be placed on a younger team. For example, a freshman player may be placed on a team of sophomores, but a sophomore will never be moved to a team of freshman.

What equipment do I need to provide?
At tryouts, players will need to bring soccer cleats, ball, water, shin pads, socks, shorts and shirt. Depending on weather, moisture wicking material is recommended for shirts on hot days. Players should be prepared for rain as tryouts, trainings and games will be conducted in rain, but delayed or cancelled whenever lightning is in the area.

What are Captain’s Practices?
Captain’s practices are practices/training organized and ran by varsity team captains. The days, times and locations are determined by the captains. Normally captain’s practices are conducted the week prior to tryouts in the mornings. Some captains have run informal scrimmages on Sunday nights during the summer.

What is the busing policy to and from games?
Depending on the location of the game, there may be a bus to the game only. Players may need to find a ride home from the game. Many times this pertains to games at other District 196 schools. Games farther away (i.e. Shakopee) will have buses to and from the game. Varsity games at other District 196 schools may not have busing either way, to or from the game.

Is there a booster club for boys soccer?
There is a boys soccer booster club at Eagan High School. The booster club’s primary function is to raise funds to cover the cost of running the boys program minus funding provided by Eagan High School. There is a mandatory fundraiser to help cover these costs. The money raised by the boosters go towards uniforms, coaches, busing and end of the season parties.

Are there any summer soccer camps?
District 196 Community Education holds camps in July at Eagan High School. The camps are conducted by the boys varsity coach.